.David Lee BA(hons)

An artist/designer with 30+years International experience, having undertaken commissions in the UK, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. Commissions have varied considerably and have included interior projects, furniture, a wide range of products, bespoke images and interior features.

I have worked in a great number of different mediums and materials, utilising traditional and contemporary processes for both 2D and 3D artefacts. Craft skills include; Ceramics, Gilding, Painting, Furniture Making, Photography and photo-imaging, Printing, Marquetry, Sculpture and 3D constructions.

The focus of inspiration is primarily the landscape, particularly Mans' impact upon it. I express the scale and structure of the environment by developing both abstract and figurative forms using traditional disciplines and contemporary forms.

I have established a studio and workshop in an old mill next to a river in glorious countryside, which gives me an idyllic and inspirational landscape on my doorstep.

Developing on work initiated last year I am currently working on further contemporary marquetry images, digital images, land sculpture as well as ranges of turned and decorated bowls and plates.

My interests are very diverse and I am constantly looking for new ways to express myself in both two and three dimensions. I have always been interested in new materials and techniques, exploring their possibilities and seeing what new dimension they can give my art. I am particularly excited by the limitless possibilities of form and finish when different processes are combined.


100% Design, London

Ideal Home, London

Orgatechnic, Koln

Furniture show, NEC

Leisure show, Chicago

Kemble gallery

Furniture show, Stockholm

20+20 gallery, Much Wenlock

Silk top hat gallery, Ludlow


Daily Express 2001

Observer magazine 2001

FX magazine

FX year book 2001

IDFX Interiors

Cabinet Maker

Furniture Manufacturer

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